One-Of-A-Kind Miniature Original Oils

One-Of-A-Kind Miniature Original Oils

  The Pick Six - Background #1 • Image Size: 6¼" x 4¼" • Framed Size: 13¼" x 11¼"
                                       OPENING BID:  $400     |     CURRENT BID:  $400

Auction of Paintings From the Artist's Personal Collection

Daniel A. Moore's body of work, generated from a life-long labor of love, has grown well into the millions of dollars in created value. His fine art prints have been collected by art lovers across the U.S. and in several foreign countries. But above all, his fine art limited edition prints have become treasured heirlooms of his alma mater's faithful.

Daniel A. Moore Original Oil Paintings
For each of his major releases the artist spends hundreds of hours and even 1,000+ hours in creating the original oil painting — the all-important masterwork for a fine art print edition. Beginning in 1979, with the sale of The Goal Line Stand for $10,000, his subsequent master- works have sold for up to $80,000. In recent years the artist's original oils - each typically measuring 36" × 48" - have been certifiably appraised to establish fair market prices for up to $239,000 for The Tradition Continues ($1,870/sq. in.). Consequently, a relatively small number of people have been able to afford a Daniel Moore Original Oil ... that is, perhaps until now.

New Life Art is offering for sale by silent auction a series of "miniature" Daniel Moore original oil paintings, each personally signed by the artist. These paintings measure from as small as 10 sq. in. with the largest painting being 36 sq. in.

Provenance of the Items for Auction
The Daniel Moore miniature originals in this offering were created by dividing up the supple- mental canvas backgrounds the artist painted for The Shutout and The Pick Six. Both background paintings measured 48" wide. Collectors may recall these two fine art editions were created by digitally merging the background paintings of the out-of-focus fans in the stadium "behind" the foregrounds of the Restoring the Order and A Crimson Tradition paintings.

These miniature canvases will be individually offered by auction on a weekly basis, beginning on April 11, until all 11 canvases have been sold. Each Original Miniature Oil Painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is framed as shown and ready to hang with your collection.

For our inaugural offering, the minimum bid prices have been established by using 25% of our fair market price of $186 per square inch. We will be accepting bids by text, telephone or email. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own an original piece of artwork by Daniel A. Moore!

To place bids, just send us your name, bid amount and email address. TEXT or VOICE MAIL: 205-600-9006, or EMAIL:
*Bid updates will be updated via email and online.


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